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What are Pokemon TCG Premium products?

Was sind Pokemon TCG Premium Produkte?

In the world of the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) there are many different types of products that are of interest to collectors and players alike. One of the most sought-after product segments are the so-called Pokemon TCG Premium products. But what exactly makes these products so special and what different premium products are there? In this article we will take a closer look at it and tell you everything you need to know about it.

What makes a product "premium"?

Premium products in the Pokemon TCG are characterized by higher quality, exclusive content and special packaging. They often contain rare and valuable cards that are hard to find in regular booster packs . In addition, they often offer special extras, such as exclusive tokens, deck boxes, coins or game mats.

Another aspect that characterizes premium products is their limited availability. Often these products are only made for a short time or in limited numbers, which further increases their collectible value.

Different Types of Pokemon TCG Premium Products

1. Elite Trainer Boxing

One of the best known premium product types are the Elite Trainer Boxes . They contain not only booster packs , but also useful accessories such as deck boxes, damage counters, coins, and dice. The Elite Trainer Boxes are usually specific to a specific expansion and often contain exclusive promo cards that are only available in that box.

2. Collection boxes

Collection boxes are another type of premium product. In addition to booster packs, they also contain rare promo cards that are often printed in an exclusive holofoil version. In addition, collection boxes can contain special collectibles such as figures, coins or tokens.

3. Tins

Pokemon TCG Tins are high quality tins that feature eye-catching designs and illustrations of their respective Pokemon. They contain booster packs and often an exclusive promo card as well . Tins are popular not only with collectors but also with gamers as they provide a convenient storage option for cards and accessories.

4. Premium boxes

Premium boxes are usually even more exclusive and of higher quality than the product types already mentioned. They contain a larger number of booster packs, rare promo cards and often also exclusive accessories such as playmats, art books or high-quality deck boxes. Some Premium Boxes are dedicated to specific themes or characters, and include accessories and cards designed to match.

Pokemon Mythical Premium Collection Pokemon Pikachu & Zekrom Premium Collection


Pokemon TCG Premium products offer collectors and players a special opportunity to expand their collection and upgrade their game accessories. Due to the exclusive content and the limited availability, they are particularly popular and can also have a high collector's value. Whether Elite Trainer Boxes , Collection Boxes , Tins or Premium Boxes - there is something suitable for every Pokemon TCG enthusiast.


What are the benefits of Pokemon TCG Premium products?

Premium products offer exclusive content, such as rare and valuable cards, as well as special accessories that are not included in regular products. In addition, they are often available in limited numbers, which increases their collector's value.

Are premium products more expensive than regular products?

Yes, premium products tend to be more expensive than regular products as they offer higher quality content and special extras. However, the collector's value of such products can justify the higher acquisition costs in the long term.

Where can I buy Pokemon TCG Premium products?

Premium products are often available from specialist dealers, in toy shops and online shops. Make sure to buy from trusted retailers to avoid counterfeiting and scams.

Is it worth investing in premium products?

That depends on your individual goals and interests. If you are a collector looking for exclusive and rare cards, premium products can be a good investment. Premium products can also be attractive for players who want to upgrade their accessories. However, you should always consider your budget and personal preferences.

Are there also premium products for older extensions?

Yes, there are premium products for older expansions, however these may be harder to find or more expensive as they are no longer in production. You can try to find such products on auction sites, collectors' markets, or online forums.