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Rare Misprints in the Pokemon TCG: Curiosities for Card Collectors

Seltene Druckfehler im Pokemon TCG: Kuriositäten für Sammler

Misprints in Pokemon cards are rare and therefore particularly interesting for collectors. Some misprinted maps have acquired significant value over the years due to their rarity and distinctiveness. In this article we take a look at some of the most notable misprints in the Pokemon TCG.

First Edition Base Set Shadowless cards

One of the most well-known series of misprints is the first edition base set, in which some cards were printed "shadowless". These cards lack the shadow on the right side of the image, making them rarer and more valuable than their regular counterparts. Shadowless cards are highly sought after by collectors and can fetch high prices.

1. Base Set Wrong colors

Another notable misprint in the base set concerns the suits of some cards. For example, there is an Alpollo where the purple on the map tends to be blue. These color-faulty cards are rare and attract the attention of collectors.

Jungle Set: Icon error

The Jungle set has a misprint where the Jungle icon is missing from some cards. These cards are particularly rare, as they only appear in the first edition of the set. Cards like Kangama or Simsala without the jungle symbol are very popular with collectors.

Team Rocket: Wrong backside

There is a notable misprint in the Team Rocket set where some cards have incorrect backs. Instead of the usual Pokemon card back, these cards feature the Magic: The Gathering card back. This misprint is extremely rare and makes the affected cards very valuable.

Neo Revelation: Shiny Gyarados

In the Neo Revelation set there is a Shiny Gyarados that has a misprint. The map shows a white spot on the right side of the image that looks like lightning. This misprint is fairly rare and increases the value of the affected cards.


What are the most common types of Pokemon card misprints?

Misprints can come in a variety of forms, such as missing symbols, wrong colors or shadows, wrong backs, and artifacts.

How Much Are Pokemon Cards With Misprints Worth?

The value of a misprinted card depends on the rarity of the error and collector demand. Some misprints can increase a card's value significantly, while others have little impact.

Should I collect cards with misprints?

If you're interested in collecting rare and unique Pokemon cards, misprinted cards can be an exciting addition to your collection . Note, however, that they may be more difficult to find and more expensive than regular maps.

Are there misprints in newer Pokemon TCG sets?

Misprints can occur in any set, even newer sets. However, they tend to be rarer as printing technology and quality control has improved over the years.

Can I use my misprint cards in tournaments?

While misprint cards are unique and interesting, they may not be eligible in official Pokemon tournaments as they could qualify as "flagged" cards. It's best to check with the organizers before a tournament to see if misprint cards are allowed.