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Record year for Pokemon TCG: Almost 12 billion cards sold in one year

Rekordjahr für Pokemon TCG: Fast 12 Milliarden Karten in einem Jahr verkauft

In the 2023/2024 fiscal year, the Pokemon Company reached an impressive milestone: nearly 12 billion Pokemon cards were sold worldwide. This figure marks an increase of 22.68% compared to the previous year and continues the growth trend of recent years. But what is behind this boom, and what does it mean for collectors and investors?

Reasons for the boom

1. Effective marketing strategies

The Pokemon Company has continually refined its marketing strategies, running major events, promotions, and collaborations with well-known brands. These measures have helped to appeal to new and existing fans alike and expand the brand's reach.

2. Continued popularity of Pokemon

The continued popularity of the entire Pokemon franchise, bolstered by new games, movies, and series, contributes significantly to the demand for Pokemon cards. In particular, iconic Pokemon such as Pikachu , Charizard , and Mewtwo remain extremely sought after.

3. Pandemic-related trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased interest in card collecting. Many people looked for new hobbies during lockdowns and found collecting Pokemon cards to be a fun and rewarding activity.

Comparison of sales figures from recent years

A look at the sales figures of the last few years shows how strong the growth was:

Financial year

Tickets sold (billions)











These numbers illustrate the continuous growth and increasing interest in the Pokemon TCG in recent years (source: Pokeguardian).

Impact on the market

1. Rising prices

With the increased demand, the prices for Pokemon cards have also risen. Particularly rare and sought-after cards are achieving record-breaking prices on online marketplaces such as eBay and Cardmarket . Cards in first-class condition and professionally graded cards are particularly valuable.

2. Increase in counterfeits

Unfortunately, the boom has also led to an increase in counterfeit cards. Collectors should therefore be particularly careful and only buy from trustworthy dealers . It is advisable to examine cards carefully before buying them or have them evaluated by experts.

3. Investment potential

Pokemon cards have proven to be a worthwhile investment. Many investors now view them as an alternative asset class, similar to art or precious metals. Sealed booster boxes from popular sets in particular have a high potential for appreciation (not investment advice).

Tips for collectors and investors

1. Thorough research

Before investing in Pokemon cards, be sure to do your research. Use online resources like eBay, Cardmarket, and specialized forums to keep up with current price developments and trends.

2. Pay attention to the condition

The condition of the cards is crucial to their value. Invest in high-quality protective cases and storage options to preserve the condition of your cards.

3. Professional evaluation/grading

Have your most valuable cards professionally appraised. An appraisal by PSA or a similar company can significantly increase the value of your cards and provide additional security for potential buyers.

4. Buy sealed products

Sealed products such as booster boxes or displays often retain their value better and offer better long-term investment opportunities. They guarantee that the cards inside are untouched and in top condition.

5. Avoid counterfeits

Only buy from trusted dealers and check cards for authenticity. If you are unsure, it can be helpful to seek expert advice or use appraisal services.


The 2023/2024 fiscal year was a record year for the Pokemon TCG, with nearly 12 billion cards sold. This development shows the continued popularity and growing interest in Pokemon cards, both among collectors and investors. With the right strategies and precautions, you too can benefit from this boom and discover valuable treasures in your collection .