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The new Pokemon card rarities explained

Pokemon Seltenheitensstufen erklärt CardsRfun

With the introduction of the new Pokemon generation Crimson & Purple (or English: Scarlet & Violet), the classification of the rarity levels of Pokemon cards has changed fundamentally after many years. So that you know what's going on, we've created an overview with which you can immediately recognize and classify the rarities of the Pokemon cards.

rarity levels before

Up until the Sword & Shield generation, the basic grading was broken down into three rarities:

    • common ●
    • Uncommon ◆
    • Rare and above ★

From these symbols on the cards you could read the rarity of the cards. For all rarity levels from Rare upwards, only the ★ was shown on the card, so that the exact rarity had to be read from the other features of the card (eg the foil effect and the texture).

Rarity levels from Crimson & Crimson

With the crimson & purple base set starting at the end of March 2023, there will be an even more precise distinction based on the symbols. You can see the future classification using the table:

Official English name fan name symbol holo with texture Reverse holo possible

main set

Common Yes
uncommon Yes
rare Yes Yes
Double Rare ★★ Yes
secret rares Illustration Rare Yes
Special Illustration Rare ★★ Yes Yes
ultra rare “Full Art” ★★ Yes Yes
Hyper Rare "Gold" ★★★ Yes Yes

How do you like this change?

In any case, we are very excited about the new era and can't wait to find out what Pokemon will have in store for us.