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Regi Trio: 2-Pack Blister

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Language: English ⎪ Era: Sun Moon


Myth and power for you

The Pokemon Regi Trio: 2-Pack Blister opens the door to a world of myth and legendary power! Discover the impressive abilities of the legendary Regi trio Pokemon - Regirock, Regice and Registeel - and strengthen your team with these powerful fighters.

Package Contents and Hidden Treasures

The Pokemon Regi Trio: 2-Pack Blister contains 2 booster packs each containing 10 random cards, 3 promo cards featuring the Regi Trio Pokemon, and 1 coin. Expand your collection and find rare and valuable cards that will enrich your gaming experience and improve your strategies.

Collect, trade and dominate

With the Regi Trio: 2-Pack Blister, you're ready to challenge your friends and fight gripping duels. Collect the cards you love, trade them with others, and create unique strategies to defeat your opponents with the power of the legendary Regi Trio Pokemon.


  • Set: Celestial Storm, BreakThrough
  • Promo card: Regirock, Regice, Registeel
  • Number of boosters: 2
  • game coin
  • Code card for TCG live/ TCG Online
  • Language: English
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