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Battle Styles: 3-Pack Blister Jolteon/ Eevee

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Promo: Jolteon

Language: English ⎪ Era: Sword & Shield


Get ready for battle with the Pokemon Battle Styles 3 Pack Blister featuring Jolteon and Eevee!

Get ready to unleash your inner trainer with the Pokemon Battle Styles 3 Pack Blister containing Jolteon and Eevee! This exciting blister pack is perfect for any Pokemon enthusiast looking to expand their collection and take their battles to the next level. With three booster packs, you have the chance to discover rare and powerful Pokemon cards that will help you dominate the competition.

But that's not all - the Jolteon and Eevee cards included in this blister pack are not only incredibly cute, but also pack a serious punch on the battlefield. Jolteon's lightning-fast movements and Eevee's ability to adapt to any situation make the two valuable additions to any trainer's team. So don't miss the chance to add these popular Pokemon to your collection and start battling today!


  • Set: Battle Styles
  • Promo Card: Jolteon (SWSH 094) or Eevee (SWSH 095)
  • Number of boosters: 3
  • game coin
  • Code card for TCG live/TCG Online
  • Language: English
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