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Tips for building your Pokemon TCG collection in 2023

Pokemon Sammelkarten

The Pokemon TCG scene is changing. With the crimson and purple era coming this year, there will be many new sets for the collecting world to look forward to. At the same time, there is also the option of completing older sets. In this post, we will discuss the best ways to build a Pokemon TCG collection in 2023.

  1. Participation in local tournaments and events

  2. Exchange with other collectors

  3. Purchase of single tickets

  4. Purchase of sealed Pokemon TCG products

  5. Join the Trading Card Game community

1. Participation in local tournaments and events:

Participate in local tournaments and events to earn new and rare cards. There you can compete with other experienced players and have the chance to win booster packs and promo cards.

2.Exchange with other collectors:

Expand your collection by trading with other collectors. Look for people around you who are also collecting Pokemon TCG, and trade cards you no longer need for cards you're looking for.

3. Purchase of single tickets:

Purchase individual cards online or at local stores to get new cards. It's easier than ever to find rare and valuable cards, if at times costly.

4. Purchasing sealed Pokemon TCG products:

Buy sealed Pokemon TCG products Boosterpacks , Elite Trainer Boxes and Collection Boxes . By buying sealed products you can be sure that the cards are in perfect condition and you have the opportunity to get rare promo cards and a choice of many different sets.

5. Join Trading Card Game Community:

Join the Trading Card Game community to meet other collectors and players, get tips and tricks from experienced players, and participate in online and offline events. Trade or buy with other collectors via online forums and social media.


Overall, there are many ways to build your Pokemon TCG collection in 2023. Participating in local tournaments and events, trading with other collectors, purchasing individual cards, purchasing sealed Pokemon TCG products, and joining the Trading Card Game community are all good ways to grow your collection. Visit our online store to find rare cards and sealed products and complete your collection in 2023!

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