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Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic - the base set returns!

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic - das Base Set kehrt zurück!

Pokemon Day had some really exciting announcements, some we expected and some that surprised us. But the reveal that stands out from the crowd is the Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic! This slim upgrade from the TCG we all know and love is seriously impressive, with interesting upgrades and seemingly pretty powerful decks - we can't wait for this to hit shelves later this year! Check out the details of the contents of this announcement below:

contents of the box

In the stylish black box you will find 3 unique decks; Ex Blastoise & Suicune ex, Charizard & Ho-oh ex and Venusaur & Lugia ex. You'll also find a playmat built into the case, 3 collapsible deck boxes, 3 deck shell sets (each containing 64 shells), awesome 3D burned and poisoned condition markers, 2 silver ball bearings, and stackable damage markers. This product just screams premium!

  • 3 unique 60-card decks
  • 1 play mat integrated into the case
  • 3 folding deck boxes
  • 3 sets of cover sleeves
  • 3D stackable damage counters
  • 3D condition marker
  • 2 silver ball bearings

The decks

While we haven't seen the full extent of these decks yet, we can feel the power behind what's been revealed so far!

Blastoise & Suicune ex deck:

Combining the powerful Water-type Pokémon Blastoise and Suicune ex, this deck should come up with a variety of water-type attacks and strategies to take your opponents by storm.

Charizard & Ho-oh ex deck:

With these two Fire Pokemon giants by your side, you'll turn up the heat on your opponents. Expect powerful fire attacks and tactical combos to dominate the game.

Venusaur & Lugia ex deck:

This deck combines the powerful Grass-type Pokémon Venusaur and the legendary Lugia ex. It will be exciting to see how these two Pokemon complement each other and what strategies they unleash together.


We're excited for the full reveal of these three decks and can't wait to see them in action. The Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic promises to be a fascinating addition for fans of the game and a great opportunity for new players to get into the trading card game with these iconic Pokemon characters.

Stay tuned for more information on the Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic coming later this year. With the unique decks and quality accessories, this set is sure to delight both collectors and players. Get ready to explore the basics of the Pokemon TCG with this exciting new product!