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Pokemon TCG: Collector's Boxes and their Contents

Pokemon TCG: Sammler-Boxen und ihre Inhalte

Pokemon trading card game fans know that there are a variety of collector's boxes that come onto the market on a regular basis. These boxes usually contain a mix of booster packs , promo cards, and sometimes exclusive collectibles. In this article, you'll learn more about the different types of collector's boxes and what you can expect from them. Prepare to take your Pokemon TCG collection to the next level!

What are Pokemon TCG Collector Boxes?

Collector's Boxes are special Pokemon TCG products designed to provide collectors and players alike with an exciting selection of content. They usually contain several booster packs from different expansions, one or more exclusive promo cards and sometimes additional collectibles such as coins, tokens or even collectible figures.

The boxes are often themed to highlight specific Pokemon, characters, or events from the Pokemon world. They are often limited edition and can be highly sought after by collectors, especially if they contain rare or valuable promo cards.

Contents of Pokemon TCG Collector Boxes

Below are some examples of typical Pokemon TCG Collector Box contents:

Booster packs

The main content of every collector's box are the booster packs. These packs each contain 10 random Pokemon cards, including at least one rare card and one holographic card. Booster packs are the main way to expand your collection and get rare cards. A collector's box usually contains four to eight booster packs, often from different expansions.

Promo cards

Promo cards are special cards that are only available in collector's boxes, themed decks or other limited products. They are characterized by unique hologram effects, alternative artwork or special rarity levels. Promo cards can be highly sought after by collectors, especially if they depict rare or powerful Pokemon.

Tokens and coins

Some collector's boxes also contain exclusive tokens or coins that you can use while playing the Pokemon TCG. Tokens are used to represent effects such as damage, confusion, or poisoning, while coins are used for in-game coin tosses.

Collectible figures

Occasionally, collector's boxes also contain exclusive collectible figures or keychains that are inspired by the Pokemon or characters depicted. These figures are usually made of plastic or metal and can be an interesting addition to your collection .

Examples of popular Pokemon TCG collector's boxes

Here are some examples of popular Pokemon TCG collector's boxes that have been released in the past:

Pikachu VMAX Premium Figure Box

This impressive collector's box celebrates the iconic Pikachu in his powerful VMAX form. The box contains four booster packs from different expansions, an exclusive full-art Pikachu V promo card, a Gigantamax Pikachu VMAX promo card and an impressive, detailed Gigantamax Pikachu collectible figure.

Coach Boxing

Trainer boxes, such as the "Champions Path Elite Trainer Box" or the "Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box", are special collector's boxes that are aimed at specific expansions. They typically contain eight to ten booster packs of the corresponding expansion, an exclusive promo card , tokens, coins, damage counters, and a themed deck box.

Charizard-GX Premium Box

The Charizard-GX Premium Box celebrates one of the most famous and powerful Pokemon of all time: Charizard . The box contains six booster packs, a full-art promo card of Charizard-GX, an oversized jumbo card of Charizard-GX and an exclusive metal coin with the image of Charizard.

Tag team boxing

Tag team boxes, like the "Espeon & Deoxys-GX Tag Team Box" or the "Lucario & Melmetal-GX Tag Team Box", celebrate the powerful tag team Pokemon fighting together and combining their powers. These boxes contain four booster packs, an exclusive Tag Team promo card, an oversized jumbo card and a themed metal coin.


Pokemon TCG Collector Boxes are a great way to expand your collection, get rare promo cards, and collect exclusive collectibles. Not only do they offer interesting content for players and collectors alike, but they also make a great gift for any Pokemon fan. Keep an eye out for new Collector's Boxes released regularly to keep your collection up to date and discover valuable treasures!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Pokemon TCG Collector Boxes

Which collector's box should I buy?

Choosing the right collector's box depends on your personal preferences and collection goals. Think about which Pokemon you like to collect the most and look for boxes that offer those Pokemon as promo cards or in the included booster packs. You can also look for boxes that target specific expansions or game mechanics that interest you.

Are collector's boxes worth the price?

Collector's boxes often offer good value for the material they contain. They usually contain several booster packs , exclusive promo cards and additional collectibles such as figures, coins or deck boxes. However, the actual value may vary from box to box depending on the contents included and the current market value of the cards included.

Where can I buy Pokemon TCG collector boxes?

Pokemon TCG Collector's Boxes are available at many different stores, including toy stores, major retail stores, online retailers, and specialty trading card game stores. It can be helpful to compare prices and availability at different retailers to find the best deal on the collector's box you want.

How often are new collector's boxes released?

New Pokemon TCG Collector's Boxes are released regularly, often in conjunction with new expansions or special events in the Pokemon world. There is no set frequency for the release of collector's boxes, but you can typically expect several new boxes to be released per year.

Can I use the promo cards from Collector's Boxes in official tournament play?

Most promo cards from collector's boxes are legal for official tournament play as long as they come from a legal expansion and the card itself does not contain any banned or restricted gameplay mechanics. Check the current Pokemon TCG rules and banned card lists to ensure your promo cards can be used in tournament play.