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Pokemon TCG Pre-Release Events: What you need to know

Pokemon TCG Pre-Release Events: Was du wissen musst

Pokemon TCG Pre-Release Events are exciting events where you can discover and play new cards before their official release. In this article, you'll learn what you need to know about these events, how to participate, and what exclusive cards and products you can expect.

What are Pokemon TCG Pre-Release Events?

Pre-Release Events are tournaments held just prior to the release of a new Pokemon TCG expansion. They offer participants the opportunity to get to know the new cards in advance and to play them in a relaxed environment. At these events, you'll receive a pre-release kit that contains everything you need to build a deck and enter the tournament.

How does a pre-release event work?

After registering for a pre-release event, you will receive a pre-release kit consisting of a 23-card evolution pack and four booster packs of the new expansion. The Evolution Pack contains a mix of cards from previous expansions to help you create a playable deck . You must build a 40-card deck by combining the cards from your pre-release kit and a limited supply of Energy cards provided by the organizer.

The tournaments usually consist of several rounds in the Swiss format, where players are re-paired after each round based on their current score. This format guarantees that all participants complete at least three or four games, regardless of their performance.

What are the benefits of pre-release events?

There are many reasons why pre-release events are popular with Pokemon TCG players:

Exclusive access to new maps:

You will have the opportunity to see and play the new maps before their official release. This gives you a head start when it comes to building your collection and familiarizing yourself with the latest mechanics and strategies.

Relaxed atmosphere:

Pre-release events tend to be less competitive than other tournaments and offer a relaxed environment where you can have fun and make new friends.


Pre-release events often have prizes in the form of additional booster packs that are given out to attendees. In many cases, all participants will receive at least one booster pack as a prize, regardless of their placement in the tournament.

Exclusive Promo Cards:

Many pre-release events will award you with an exclusive promo card that is only available during those events. These cards are often very popular with collectors and can increase in value.

How can I participate in a pre-release event?

To attend a Pokemon TCG Pre-Release Event, you should first visit the official Pokemon site to check for upcoming events near you. Most events are run by local game stores or Pokemon League organizers. You can also contact your local game store for information on upcoming pre-release events.

Participation in a pre-release event usually requires a registration fee, which can vary depending on the venue and the size of the event. The registration fee usually covers the cost of the pre-release kit and pricing. Make sure to register in good time, as the number of participants is limited at many events.


Are there age restrictions for pre-release events?

Pre-release events are suitable for players of all ages as long as they understand the basic rules of the Pokemon TCG and can play independently. Some venues offer separate tournaments for younger players to ensure all participants are having fun and have a fair chance of winning.

Can I trade cards at pre-release events?

Yes, many players use pre-release events to expand their collections and trade new cards. However, it is important to follow the rules of the venue and ensure that the exchange takes place in a fair and respectful manner.

Can I use my own deck building cards?

No, pre-release events require you to build a deck from the cards you received in your pre-release kit. This ensures that all players start with the same resources and no one has an unfair advantage.

Do I need to bring my own energy cards?

Usually, the organizer provides Energy cards that you can use in deck building. However, you can also bring your own energy cards if you have a preference for certain cards or want to use special sleeves or designs.

Can I keep my tickets and prizes after the event?

Yes, all cards and prizes you receive during a Pre-Release Event are yours to keep, trade or sell as you wish.