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Pokemon trading card gift ideas for kids

Pokemon TCG Geschenkideen für Kinder

The Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) has been a worldwide phenomenon for over two decades, delighting children and adults alike. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a little Pokemon fan, there are plenty of great Pokemon TCG products out there that are sure to turn heads. In this article, we bring you some of the best Pokemon TCG gift ideas for kids.

Theme Decks

A Theme Deck is a ready-made selection of 60 Pokemon TCG cards specially tuned to be used instantly in a game. Theme decks are great for beginners as they contain all the necessary cards to get started right away. Plus, they come in a variety of designs so you can choose the right deck for your child's favorite Pokemon.

Elite trainer boxing

An Elite Trainer Box is a comprehensive set containing everything a budding Pokemon TCG player or collector needs. A typical box contains eight booster packs , each containing ten random cards, 65 sleeves, 45 energy cards, instructions, tokens, and dice. The box itself can be used to store the cards and is available in different designs.

Booster Packs

Booster Packs are small packs containing ten random Pokemon TCG cards. They are ideal for expanding your child's collection and experiencing the excitement of opening and discovering new cards. Booster Packs come in many different sets and designs and offer an inexpensive way to personalize a gift.


A scrapbook is an excellent way to organize and protect your child's Pokemon TCG cards. There are many different scrapbooks designed specifically for Pokemon TCG cards, with room for hundreds of cards. Some albums also contain information about different Pokemon and sets to make collecting even more interesting.

tin boxes

Tin boxes are attractive metal boxes containing a selection of Pokemon TCG cards, booster packs and often an exclusive promo card as well. The boxes come in a variety of designs and are great for storing your child's collection. They make a great gift for kids who want to expand their collection while also displaying their cards in style.

collection boxes

Collection Boxes are special sets containing a selection of Pokemon TCG cards, booster packs, promo cards and sometimes even special collectibles like figures or coins. These boxes come in a variety of designs and are a great way to add unique cards and goodies to your child's collection.

Pokemon TCG accessories

In addition to the above products, there are also a variety of Pokemon TCG accessories that make great gifts for kids. This includes:

card sleeves

Card sleeves are an excellent way to protect your child's precious cards from damage. There are many different designs and colors to choose from so you can find the right case for your child's preferences.


Playmats provide a comfortable and attractive surface for playing the Pokemon TCG. They come in various designs based on specific Pokemon or sets and can enhance your child's gaming experience.

deck boxes

Deck boxes are small, sturdy boxes in which your child can safely store and transport their favorite deck. There are a variety of designs and colors to choose from so you can find the perfect deck box for your child's preferences.

books and guides

There are many Pokemon TCG books and guides that can help your child improve their skills as a player and collector. This includes rulebooks, collectors guides, and strategy books that provide tips and tricks for playing and collecting Pokemon TCG cards.


When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a Pokemon TCG enthusiastic boy or girl, there are many great options to choose from. From themed decks and elite trainer boxes to booster packs, scrapbooks and accessories, the gift ideas listed above are sure to inspire enthusiasm in your child. Remember to consider your child's age, interests and experience level to choose the ideal gift. Have fun gifting and collecting Pokemon TCG cards!


From what age is the Pokemon TCG suitable?

The Pokemon TCG is recommended for ages 6+. However, it is important to consider your child's individual interests and abilities. Some younger children can already understand and enjoy the game, while others may need to be a little older to fully grasp it.

Which gift is best for beginners?

For beginners in the Pokemon TCG, themed decks are an excellent choice. They contain a ready-to-play 60-card deck specifically designed to be easy to understand and play. Plus, themed decks come with instructions on how to play, making them ideal for beginners.

What are the best Pokemon TCG products for experienced gamers?

Experienced Pokemon TCG players could look forward to Elite Trainer Boxes , Booster Packs or special collector's boxes. These products contain rare and powerful cards that can improve a skilled player's deck.

How can I help my child learn the Pokemon TCG?

There are many resources that can help you and your child learn the Pokemon TCG. This includes rulebooks, online tutorials, and YouTube videos that explain the basics of the game. You can also play and practice together with your child to better understand the game.

Where can I buy Pokemon TCG products?

Pokemon TCG products are available in toy stores, department stores, and online stores like CardsRfun . Be sure to shop from trusted stores to ensure you are getting genuine and high quality products.