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The best forgotten Pokemon TCG products of recent years

Pokemon Sammelkarten Pikachu Breakpoint, Mythical Squishy Collection, Zygarde Complete Form, Celebrations Elite Trainer Box

In recent years, a lot of Pokemon trading card products have been released and the number is growing. It's easy to lose track of things. We take a look back over the last few years and take a look at the forgotten Pokemon TCG products of the last few years that should not be missing in any collection. Learn all about

Find out why these products are valuable despite their oblivion and how they can add new facets to your collection.

Zygarde Complete Form Pin Collection

The Zygarde Complete Form Pin Collection was a box set released in 2018 that included a legendary promo card and a rare XY-era booster pack. The box wasn't particularly popular in its day, but its unique promo card and range of boosters make it an interesting find for collectors today. Showcasing the powerful Legendary Pokemon Zygarde in its full form, the promo card is a must-have for anyone who enjoys having rare cards in their collection. The box also includes XY Era booster packs, featuring some of the most treasured cards in Pokemon TCG history.

Celebration's Elite Trainer Box

The Celebrations Elite Trainer Box was a special box released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pokemon TCG in 2021. It contains a large number of boosters from the anniversary set as well as many nostalgic cards from the Pokemon TCG's past. The Elite Trainer Box also includes some unique accessories like a special coin, tokens, and damage counters. The box quickly sold out due to high demand and has now become a coveted collector's item. Anyone who enjoys collecting nostalgic cards or wants a large number of boosters shouldn't miss out on the Celebrations Elite Trainer Box.

Mythical Squishy Premium Collection

The Mythical Squishy Premium Collection was a set released in 2021 that contained many booster packs from the popular Evolving Skies set. However, the set was also interesting for its unique toys and promo cards. The collection includes several squishy figures of legendary Pokemon such as Celebi and Jirachi, which would make perfect decorations on any collector's desk. A welcome change from the usual trading cards, the squishy toys offer an extra layer of collectible fun. The promo cards are also unique and feature some of the most popular Pokemon to ever appear in Pokemon TCG. With so many boosters and unique accessories, the Mythical Squishy Premium Collection is a great find for any collector.

Breakpoint 1 Pack Blister Pikachu Promo

The Breakpoint 1 Pack Blister Pikachu Promo was a blister pack released in 2016 that contained a promo card of the popular Pokemon Pikachu. This forgotten product features a great selection of cards from the Breakpoint expansion, including unique Break cards and an adorable Pikachu promo card with lots of other Pokémon on it. The set also includes an exclusive coin that will make a welcome addition to any collection.


In summary, there are many great Pokemon TCG products that are often overlooked. From the Zygarde Complete Form Pin Collection to the Breakpoint 1 Pack Blister Pikachu Promo, there are plenty of treasures to discover. For collectors and gamers alike, these products are worth trying and appreciating their value and uniqueness.

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