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The best Pokemon TCG Collection Boxes to build your collection in 2023

Pokemon Celebrations Arceus Lost Origin Karten kaufen CardsRfun

As an avid Pokemon TCG collector, you surely want to expand and complete your collection. At CardsRfun, we have put together the best collection boxes to help you complete your trading cards while still being affordable. These sets contain not only originally packaged boosters , but also limited promo cards and rare figures.

Celebration's Dark Sylveon V Box

The Celebrations Dark Sylveon V Box is a fantastic box for anyone who collects nostalgic cards. The box contains many cards from previous sets, including Charizard and Pikachu, as well as a Dark Sylveon promo card and V-card. The packaging is stylish and well designed and would look great in any collection. The promo card features Dark Sylveon in a special holo-foil and the V-card has a unique pattern and glitter details. This box is a must-have not only for Sylveon fans, but also for anyone who loves Pokemon card history.

Arceus V Figure Collection

The Arceus V Figure Collection is another box that we can recommend. The box contains a stunning Arceus figure that will delight any fan. The figure shows Arceus in his full divine splendor. The box also includes a Cosmic Eclipse booster pack and a great Arceus promo card that came with the Nintendo Switch game Pokemon Legends Arceus in Japan. The map features Arceus in a special holo-foil and has a unique pattern. The map is beautifully designed and shows Arceus in all its glory. This box is perfect for anyone who wants a unique and beautiful figurine from Arceus. It is also a great collector's item to set up and admire.

Lost Origin Build & Battle Stadium

If you're looking for a box that's ready for two players, then the Lost Origin Build & Battle Stadium Box is for you. This box contains everything you need to start a game with a friend. The box contains two Build & Battle Kits , each with great prerelease promo cards and four booster packs of the Lost Origin set, the mysterious set featuring the Legendary Giratina. Together with your friend you can compete for another four price boosters and join the fight. The cards are of high quality and the box is sturdy and stable. You can keep your cards safe in there. This box is perfect for anyone who likes to play with friends or who wants a stable and secure storage for their cards.

Arceus VStar Premium Collection

The Arceus VStar Premium Collection is an extensive box with a wide range of different sets and competitive promos. This box contains six booster packs, a promo card, and a V-Card from Arceus. The promo card features Arceus in a special holo-foil and has a unique pattern. The V card also has a unique pattern and glitter details. The box is well designed and beautifully designed and also has a special box to keep your cards safe. This box set is perfect for anyone looking for rare cards and high quality sets.


Overall, there are many great Pokémon TCG Collection boxes out there, but these four are some of the best and should not be missing from any collection. Whether you're looking for rare collectibles, want a special promo card, or are just a fan of the Pikachu mascot, there's something for everyone. And with Pokémon's 25th anniversary in 2023, there's sure to be more amazing products on the market to look forward to.